NDFIS Highlights by Quantum Communications Hub

The 2nd year report of Quantum Communications Hub highlights the contributions of NDFIS

The contributions of NDFIS to support the experiment work of quantum communications are highlighted by the annual report of Quantum Communication Hub. NDFIS provides long distance dark fibre links for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) tests between Cambridge and Duxford and between Bristol and Bradley Stoke. The High Performance Networks (HPN) group at Bristol are providing the 100 Gbps test-bed, and access to the national dark fibre facility (NDFIS) along with the “Bristol is Open” network facility. 

The platform of NDFIS provides Quantum Communications researchers unique opportunities to test QKD in install fibre without interference. This is key for the QKD technology development, as Professor Spiller, the Head of QComm, points out, "Our technology delivery strategy during the initial five-year period of the UKNQT Programme is to focus on taking proven quantum key distribution (QKD) technologies and advancing these to commercial-ready status." NDFIS also interconnects members of the Quantum Communications Hub providing collaboration opportunities.