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Our Capabilities

By clustering together leading research groups and interconnecting their experimental facilities by advanced optical connectivities, we have created the required scale in high-speed networks subsystems and systems to produce a cutting edge national research experimental and test facility.


NDFIS allows future generation network devices and subsystems to be tested under conditions that could involve all the network layers ranging from the physical to the application layers. This in turn will help facilitate the development of innovative concepts for future high-speed network systems and the demonstration of cutting edge and ‘hero’ experiments’ without the need for business/research cases and strict development phases.

NDFIS provides secure, flexible and repeatable infrastructure slicing enabled by the unique connectivity topology of NDFIS, programmable and sliceable network elements, flexible optical transport technologies and flexible interfaces as well as a powerful and flexible experiment lifecycle management.

NDFIS offers an integrated and open test-bed at national scale with the following capabilities:

  • Infrastructure and test-bed sharing and slicing to support multiple simultaneous experiments
  • To allow composition of any arbitrary and complex experimental topology with multiple labs and test-beds:
    •  Flexible fibre, port and bandwidth switching at all access points
    • Reconfigurable optical switches at all mid-stage colocation sites
  • Remote control, remote measurements/monitoring and remote configuration capability of infrastructure devices at all colocations and test-beds. This facilitates measurements and control of complex experiments at large scale
  • Capability to support heterogeneous transport interfaces at all access points and colocation sites:
    • Multiple standard WDM 10GE interfaces for transport of application data
    • Advanced and programmable optical transponder supporting flexi grid and multi-level complex modulation
    • Hosting any specialized optical interfaces provided by users
  • Experimental management systems such as experimental scheduling, planning, measurement and monitoring, resource allocation and booking; in summary, a powerful experiment lifecycle management tailored to support large scale test and experiments


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