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User Support

To assist users NDFIS will create a web based experimental portal as well as a service help desk.


Our web based experimental portal will provide:

  • Inventory service: This is a web service providing a centralized data repository of NDFIS offered resources including equipments, test-beds, components and test and measurement facilities, interfaces, topology and capability.
  • Experimental setup, planning, scheduling and listing: This is a set of tools and interface for planning an experimental activity using NDFIS. This includes submitting request for reservation and booking a slice of NDFIS. Further more it provides a list of currently running experiments on NDFIS as well as past experiments and summary of their achievements
  • User guidance and policy:  this is an online repository of documents to educate users about the capability and features of NDFIS, work flow for requesting and using an experimental infrastructure slice, and recommended best usage practice


In addition to the web portal, a dedicated NDFIS service helpdesk will be established. It will include a dedicated email address and access to the access point staff, with relevant expertise. In summary the Help Desk will provide the following services:

  • Day-to-day management of NDFIS platform
  • Dealing with support and technical request raised by researchers and users
  • Providing tutorials and support for researchers and users
  • Regular monitoring and defining policy for regular updating of the web portal
  • Regular monitoring and providing input for defining usage policy for NDFIS
  • Regular contact with the NDFIS users for collecting feedback about provided services and required changes and additional features